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Gate House Pictures

We don’t like to brag, but we’ve often been compared to rocket scientists and brain surgeons. Sure, that was in an internal memo, but let’s put it this way: We’re a boutique production and post-production house specializing in video production, still photography, creative editorial and color grading.

And we’re good at it. Thus the memo.

From the most intricate of camera moves to the insightful coaching of talent to the precise cut of an edit (not to mention all the planning it takes to get the whole thing off the ground), Gate House Pictures communicates ideas and brands by slicing through the ordinary and enhancing your creative. And hey, we have fun too, so scrub in with us. Let’s put a little rocket surgery on the schedule!

What We Do


We are producers, directors and cinematographers experienced in broadcast commercials and television series, web content, corporate branding and training as well as documentary and narrative projects.


Gate House Pictures provides creative editorial, motion graphics, visual effects and sound design services both in-house and through our trusted network of artists.


We provide comprehensive photography services from advertising and commercial to products, food and people. After the shoot, we can color correct and prep the images for use in print or the web.


Ask us to show you how color grading services can go beyond simple corrections to add creative and impactful visual style to your projects.

Clients & Partners;Friends

We want to add you to this list!

We like to think of our clients as more than just partners, they’re our friends. And what’s better than spending time with your friends? Especially when you’re hanging out on film sets, photo shoots and post suites being creative. We think it makes for a better final product.


What Our Clients Are Saying